Malay plans revenge against Chandra, Nandini’s brother returns in Chandra Nandini


The upcoming twist of Star Plus’ show Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra will face the backlash from Malay Ketu soon after Nand gets executed by Chandra. Chandra manages to kill his biggest enemy as he has a sword fight with Nand and cuts off his neck.
Chandra’s past enmity with Nand finally comes to an end as he is able to seek revenge for all the tortures that Nand has done in the past. Chandra kills Nand but fulfills his duty by giving Nand a proper funeral. Everyone is shocked seeing that although Chandra killed Nand, he was the one who did his last rites.  
Nandini is broken down after Nand’s death and Chandra takes care of her. Post Nand’s death Chandra and Nand hope to lead a normal life together but a new trouble will soon come up with Malay wanting so seek revenge from Chandra.
Malay and Amatya realize that Chanakya and Chandra were plotting and planning against them and they fall into the trap. Malay realizes that Nand was not behind Parvatak’s death and it was Chandra who got his father killed. Malay decides to seek revenge from Chandra for his father’s death while Amata wants to avenge the death of Nand. Malay and Amatya will now come up with evil plans to attack Chandra and seek their revenge. 
Moreover, Nandini’s mentally restarted brother Mandugrath will enter the palace and Chanakya will want to kill him too just as they killed Nand.
Let’s wait and see whether Chandra is able to save himself from Malay and whether he is able to take the right decision about Mandugrath. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.