Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 June : Ishita gets drunk and yearns to meet Raman


An excited and nervous Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) enters the hotel hoping to clear her misunderstandings with Raman. Aaliya wonders why did Aadi react like than on hearing about Raman (Karan Patel), Ishita and Kiran Bhatnagar’s dinner. A furious Santoshi enters her room and asks Aaliya why did she throw all the Vinegar bottles. Aaliya tells her that they were expired and hence she threw all of them. Santoshi gets irritated thinking about all the vodca that was inside the bottles and leaves. Aaliya gets confused.
Shagun informs Mani that she is planning to throw a grand party for her NGO, better than Bhalla’s party. She says she will invite the press too, but not Bhallas. She asks him why didn’t he tell her about the invitation fiasco before. Mani says he knew she will get upset. She tells him that she received an apologetic message from Ishita. Mani gets relieved and asks her if everyhting is sorted between them. She says she wants to make them realize how does it feel to not be invited in a party. She says how could they have forgotten to invite them, after all they are Aaliya’s parents. Mani reminds her that they are Aaliya’s inlaws and they will have to invite them. Shagun says she will talk to him later and cuts the call.

Ishita reaches the restaurant. Neelu calls and tells her that Aaliya has thrown Santoshi’s entire vodka stock which is why she is very angry. She asks Ishita to come home and handle the situation. Ishita decides to go back.Raman asks Kiran to tell him something about her personal life. She tells him that her parents got her married at a very young age, she divorced her husband after two years of marriage as they weren’t compatible and now she handles her business and her house on her own. He asks if she has kids. She says thankfully not as such things affect them a lot. Raman says he understands what is she trying to say as he is a divorcee too. Kiran tells him all that she knows about him. Raman gets amazed to hear all that from her and jokingly asks if she has been staking him.
shagun sees Raman and Kiran enjoying dinner together. Aadi also reaches there. Shagun sees Aadi and calls him. Aadi tells her about Raman and Ishita’s fight and how Ishita had planned a surprise for him,today. He tells her he just wanted to warn Raman that Ishita is coming to meet him otherwise he would create a scene in the hotel. Shagun tells Aadi that she didn’t see Ishita at the hotel. Aadi gets relieved and starts leaving. Shagun stops him and says she wants to talk to him. She says she knows Raman is a very difficult person to deal with and she doesn’t want all this to affect his and Aaliya’s marriage. She suggests Aadi to start a business of his own. Aadi gets miffed and leaves.

Raman sees Aadi and gets shocked. Kiran asks Raman to introduce her to his son. Raman calls Aadi. Kiran wishes him for his product launch. Aadi also wishes them best of luck and says there is no point of competing against each other. Raman gets embarassed. Aadi leaves. Kiran asks what did he mean by that. Raman says he doesn’t know. Raman gets to know that some problem has occured in the packaging factory and says he will have to leave. Kiran says she will also come along.
Madhu sees Santoshi scolding Aaliya and praises her. She congratulates Aaliya and says there is no need to say sorry. Santoshi starts arguing with Madhu. Ishita comes there and asks her to calm down. She says she will buy new Vodka bottles for her.Madhu reminds her that she is unwell. They start arguing with each other. To be able to end the discussion and go back to the restaurant, Ishita gives her a brand new bottle of Vodka. Santoshi gets escatic while Madhu gets surprised.Santoshi insists them to sit with her and have some. Ishita says she has to go to meet Raman. Santoshi says she will not let her go anywhere. Aaliya gets shocked to see Santoshi mixing vodka in their drinks. She asks her not to tell anyone.

Shagun meets a journalist and asks her to ensure that her party gets good coverage. Ishita gets high and starts crying that she could not meet Raman. Santoshi and Madhu decide to go to the restaurant and bring him home.