Chandra Nandini 18 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Chandra gets shocked to discover that Bindusar already knows the truth of Durdhara’s death


Bindusar (Siddharth Nigam) challenges Bhadraketu and asks him to have a sword fight with him. He says he will not drink alcohol if Bhadraketu wins and will not let anyone stop him from drinking if he wins. Prabha (Shweta Basu Prasad) asks them not to do this. Bindusar doesn’t pay heed and indulges into an intense sword fight with Bhadraketu. Prabha tries to intervene. Bindusar pushes Nandini against the wall. Bhadraketu gets scared to see blood on her forehead. Bindusar defeats Bhadraketu and walks away with the liqour bottle. Bhadraketu asks Prabha if she is fine and tells her that he will inform Chandra about Bindusar’s misbehaviour right away. Prabha stops him and says she doesn’t want father and son to fight again over her. Bhadraketu tells her that today she has proved that she is Nandini and noone else.

Karthikey enters Dharma’s room. She tells him that he shouldn’t have come to servant quarters. He tells her about his and Alice’s wedding. He says he will himself go and clear his parents’ doubt. Dharma stops him and asks him to accept Alice’s wedding proposal and forget her forever. He gets shocked and tells her that he can never get married to Alice. She requests him not to think emotionally and explains to him how his decision might affect both Champanagar and Magadh’s citizens. Karthikey says he will never be able to get married to someone else. She reminds him that she is just a servant and he is a prince and breaks all her ties with him. Both get disheartened.

Prabha regrets interfering in Bindusar’s life. Chandra gets shocked to see the wound on her forehead and asks her how did she get hurt. She lies to him and says she slipped on the floor. Chandra makes her sit and applies ointment on her wound. Prabha gets shocked to realize that she has started developing feelings for him and hurriedly leaves the room. Chandra gets shocked to see a similar wound on Bhadraketu’s forehead and asks him how did he get hurt. He narrates the entire incident to him. Chandra gets shocked and asks him why didn’t he tell him about it before. Dadi enters and tells Chandra that Bindusar had insulted Prabha during the Gruh Pravesh, ceremony too. Chandra gets infuriated and says he will not tolerate this.

He goes and asks the same question to Prabha, again. She tells him she slipped in the bathroom. Chandra tells her that he knows she is lying. He asks her why is she hiding his son’s mistake from him. He says he knows she has accepted Bindusar as her son. Prabha says that Bindusar is young and she doesn’t want him to go and confront him regarding this. Chandra wonders why does Bindusar hate her so much. He tells her that he will make him apologize to her. She says Bindusar is justified in hating her as Nandini was his mother’s killer. Chandra gets frustrated and tells her that she didn’t kill Durdhara. Chandra tells her that he would not have been able to fall in love with her if she would have killed Dhurdhara, who was his closest friend.

Chandra tells her that he knows who had killed Durdhara but for some reason he cannot tell Bindusar her name. He tells her that he doesn’t know who put all this in Bindusar’s mind. He asks her to remove this thought from her mind forever that she is his mother’s killer. Chandra goes to Bindusar’s room but returns on seeing him sleeping. Prabha tells Chandra that it’s evident how much he loves his son and says that it’s his duty to clear his doubts. He tells her that he doesn’t think this will help. Nandini tells him that she just wants him to clear Bindusar’s doubts and accept him in his life.

Chandra goes straight into Apama’s room and asks her to come in front of everyone and accept her crime. He asks Helena to gather everyone in the court. Bindusar enters the court. Chandra tells them that he wants everyone to know their family’s biggest secret. He asks Apama if she will herself accept her crime or does she want him to tell the truth to Bindusar.Bindusar asks him if he is going to tell him that Apama killed his mother, Durdhara. Everyone gets shocked. Bindusar asks Apama to accept that it was her who poisoned his mother. He tells Chandra that he knows that he had thrown her out of the palace after he got to know about her crime. He says he knows that he had allowed her to come back in Magadh only because she helped them arrest Nandini’s father. Chandra asks how does he know all this. Bindusar tells him that he might have hidden the truth from him but Helena revealed it to him long back. Everyone gets shocked. ALSO READ: Chandra Nandini 15 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Dharma confronts Bindusar for maligning her image


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