Did Ajay Devgn’s Golmaal Again motion poster take a dig at Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar?


The Golmaal series is a hit. Period. No matter how the critics pan it for the slapstick comedy, fact is that the audience loves the antics of the all-boy gang and flocks to the theatres to catch every installment of the film and the makers laugh all the way to the bank. So, it is no surprise that yet another installment of the franchise is vying for release. Yes, Golmaal Again is all set to hit the theatres this Diwali and the wait couldn’t be any longer.

After wooing us with a lot of on-the-sets pictures, posted by the cast of the film, the makers of the film have now released the first motion poster and we are honestly intrigued. The poster claims that this Diwali you will get no logic, just lots of magic. Now, we are confused as to why has the word ‘magic’ been used. Will the new installment of the Golmaal series delve into black magic and derive humour therefrom? The nimbu-mirchi on the motion poster also suggests so.  (Also read: Golmaal Again motion poster promises that the Rohit Shetty film will have no logic – Watch video)

However, what’s interesting is that they have also said that this Diwali there won’t be any logic. Now, one thing can be that the makers are taking a dig at themselves. Since critics term their films to be illogical, perhaps they themselves are calling it so, thereby putting an end to all debate on whether the film will have any element of sense. Another reasoning can be that the makers of the film are trying to take a dig on Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar that also releases along with Golmaal Again, on Diwali. Since Aamir Khan’s films are always realistic and high on logic, it might be a sly taunt on the actor and certainly a humorous one, sticking to the theme of their film. However, we will now have to wait for Golmaal Again’s trailer to release to find out what the motion poster was all about. The trailer releases on September 22.

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