Ishqbaaz 18 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Bhavya gets a marriage proposal and is super confused


Ishqbaaz starts with Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) telling Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) that it is not a big deal at all. He says it is Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) who has risked her life for us and vice versa. He says you have a lovely bond and now you want to move back. Rudra says it is not a big issue but says he is unable to accept that there is age difference between them. Shivaay says you are perturbed as you really like her and care for her. He says if a person matters to you, these things do not matter. SSO says he forgot his ideals of NKK for Anika (Surbhi Chandna). He says I would suggest you follow your heart and go to the right person and direction. He sees his recorded message for Anika and gets nostalgic.On the other hand, Omkara worries about Gauri. All the three brothers are confused due to love. Tumse Na Jaane Kyun plays in the background as the brothers struggle with their emotions. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz 15 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Shivaay confesses how Anika became his life in the most heartfelt manner)

Shivaay tells Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) that she has to go somewhere at 11 am. She says Bhaiyya, I cannot do it. He encourages her and says she can do it. He says once you fulfill this challenge, the whole world will respect you. Gauri thanks him and says I have a request. She tells him not to mention this to Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh). He tells her to inform him in case of any difficulty. Shivaay hugs her and send her to class. Anika’s Bua has come and Khanna tells her that she cannot enter inside. Daadi and Pinky come out. She tells the ladies that she is Anika’s Bua and admires the Oberoi Mansion. She feels envious about Anika. She introduces herself to the Oberoi ladies saying she has raised her since childhood. Daadi says you are the same woman who badmouthed Anika before the media. Pinky tells her to get out.

Anika’s Bua calls them ill-behaved. Pinky and Bua have a war of words. She tells Khanna to throw her out. Khanna tries to throw her out and Shivaay comes there. Bua complains to SSO that she is being thrown out by Pinky, who calls her ill-behaved. Shivaay tells Raghu to make arrangements for their lunch. Her Bua says I have brought more people along. Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) is cooking in the kitchen when Gauri comes there. She asks him what is he doing? Omkara says I am making a dessert. Gauri says you are making a desert. He says I am making a sweet dish. Gauri sees him making Halwa for everyone, including you. Gauri says I have some work, I have to leave urgently. He wonders where she went without informing. Anika’s Bua and the guests eat like gluttons at the dinner table. They even steal the cutlery. Bua says the food is good and simply irresistible. Shivaay tells them to eat peacefully. Bua says these are her childhood friends and have come here.

Daadi says I cannot believe that Shivaay you are making chawl people sit at your home for lunch. She says you hated the lower classes. Bua says I want to talk to my son-in-law now. Daadi and Pinky wonder where is Gauri? They ask Omkara. He says she is not at home, and has left for some work. Pinky says how come she felt alone, without informing anyone. Daadi tells Pinky to assist her. Shivaay asks Bua I want these papers and what do you want. Bua says Sahil is my child, I cannot give him to you two. Shivaay says do not take advantage of my goodness and harass us further. He says I want Sahil’s custody and tell me how me how much you want. Pinky comes there and asks SSO what is he doing? She says Sahil and Anika are in cahoots. She says maybe her Bua and she (Anika) have made plans to extract money from you. Shivaay tells Pinky to leave. Bua says she wants a sea-facing bungalow and monthly maintenance. He says it will be done. Bua says I also want you to acknowledge you as my saas before the media.

Commissioner Qureshi and his wife talk to Bhavya about her marriage and settling down. They have a prospective guy for her whom she knows. Bhavya says if you feel your chosen guy is right for me, I will do as you say. Daadi asks Rudra why has Bhavya left? He says she left wihout informing and I don’t care where she has gone. Daadi thinks of calling up Bhavya. Commissioner Qureshi’s wife tells Bhavya to meet the guy. Manav has come to meet her. They decide to leave the two together as they are good friends and understand each other’s professions. Bhavya gets a call from Rudra but does not pick it up. Chubby asks Rudra why is he upset? He says that day I did not speak when she mentioned the age difference. Chubby says Bhavya is four years elder to you,she is pretty and intelligent. He says Bhavya will always dominate you and treat you like a servant. Rudra imagines Bhavya scolding him and interfering in his decisions. Rudra says Chubby you are right, she will stress me out. Chubby tells him to take some rest.

Svetlana (Reyna Malhotra) tells Jhanvi that Tej’s (Mahesh Thakur) remote control is with her. She says I will surely escape from this room. Suddenly, she spots Tej in the room and asks him to get up and leave with her. Jhanvi says he will not go with you. Svetlana yells at him. Slowly, she realises that it is a dummy. Jhanvi pours acid on the room and tells Svetlana she cannot escape. Rudra is unable to sleep and tells Chubby he is worried. He says I am thinking about Bhavya. His friend says he has an idea. Svetlana is adamant and scolds Tej. Later, she hits Jhanvi and the acid drops to the floor. Jhanvi falls down. Then, she gets close to Tej and realises that it is a dummy. Jhanvi says it was a trick to bring you here. Jhanvi says the microphone has recorded your conversation and now you will be in jail.

Chubby sets up a date for Rudra and he gets bored. He tells the waiter to get him eggs. The girl says he is very cute. Rudra leaves the cafe abruptly. Manav tells Bhavya that the whole department is proud of her. Manav tells Bhavya he appreciates how strong she is. He says I want to be your partner for life. He asks her for her opinion. She sees Rudra’s missed calls. She gets distracted. She says you are a good friend and I have not thought about marriage. Bhavya says I need some time to think about all this. Rudra feels that he called but she did not pick up. Bhavya is also confused. They remember their moments together.


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