Poor Anusha is abused a lot by fans: Karan Kundra


Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar are undoubtedly the most scorching couple in Tellydom currently.  The Instagram accounts of the former Vj and the TV actor  is replete with adorable pictures of the duo posing lovingly with each other. One brief scroll on their social media accounts and you’ll will be able to make out the intensity of their relationship!

Karan and Anusha display the affection they harbour for each other publicly, which is why they have been the butt of ridicule by their fans (especially Anusha). In an interview with a daily, Anusha Dandekar said, “People hate me for dating Karan Kundra.” (she actually is hinting at the hate that pours from all corners on her on the social media.)

In an exclusive conversation with TellyGossip.com Karan spoke about the quote.

Karan revealed, “poor, Anusha is abused a lot. Our fans think that she is a witch who is trying to bait me.”

Karan also had a befitting reason behind the criticism. He continued, “Actually, it is not their (fans) fault, they have seen our characters; the ones that we have portrayed on television. However, we are not those characters, we are real people. In reality, I would not get married to someone who is not my type. They don’t realize all of this, they are innocent people.”

It all started when the couple started posting on the social media. Anusha was trolled heavily and she was also at the receiving end of a lot of hatred because of her relationship with Karan. The actor further disclosed that it is a part of his daily chore to post pictures on the social media, quipped he, “after my job is done, I draw a line. Not a lot many things affect me. But they sure affect her because that is the way she is. However, if somebody goes beyond their limit then I bash them.”

The Stupid Man Smart Phone actor feels people don’t hate her, affirms he, “it’s just the idea of people to being able to see their Arjun with someone else.  In reality Arjun is just a character that I play; I’m Karan. I have told her that she should take these things with a apinch of salt.” 

Well, Karan surely has a point. Moreover, trolls aren’t and shouldn’t be too big a cause for concern. The duo has been setting couple goals for the young generation. The both of them were last seen together hosting a dating reality show Love School 2


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