The Drama Company: Sunny Leone describes her daughter and newly embraced motherhood


The Drama Company has some cuteness and oomph combined today with Sunny Leone on the set. She dances he way to the set as Karan V Grover welcomes her onstage. The audience gets a chance to shake a leg with Sunny and one of them seems unwilling to go away. Later Karan asks Sunny about her experience after embracing motherhood. Sunny cutely describes her daughter and tells us how she loves her cute way of looking at her and also how she adores running behind the little one all day. The drama for the day is Kaun Banega Arabpati and Sudesh enters as Bachchan senior. Sunny is the contestant and Krushna walks in as Bappi ji who is a special helper. Later we have the famous Jumma Chumma on which Sugandha and Sudesh dance away. Sunny answers the weird questions and wins Bappiji’s ornaments one by one. Sunny too shakes a leg to Jumma Chumma.(Also Read: Ravishing Raveena Tandon inspires Krushna to become the sensuous ‘Tip Tip Barsa’ girl and is proud to see Ridhima Pandit for a very special reason)

We have our all time favourite Sanket with his Nau ka dham and the two auntys who walk in to join Sunny- Ali and Krushna. Ali keeps sliding off his seat and Sanket hasto lift him back and we see Ali not letting opportunity to flirt go. The old ladies fall off to the audience and fight over a poor young guy. Later the scene shifts to a school wgere we have a lost boy Krushna who waits for his friend Sudesh. Ridhima and Ali enter as the girl students and Krushna and Sudesh flirt away with Ridhima. Sugandha is the teacher and she punishes the unruly kids. Sunny walks in with an offer to send the best student to America. The drama ends with a fight for the cheque. Sunny says she has not laughed so much in a very long time.


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