Who’s he? – Julie 2 actress Raai Laxmi asks when questioned about rumoured ex, Mahendra Singh Dhoni


South actress Raai Laxmi is busy promoting her erotic thriller Julie 2 where she plays the lead. While she had earlier made her debut in Sonakshi Sinha’s Akira, this will be first fully fledged role in Bollywood. During promotions, we all know that less questions ill be asked about the movie and more about the personal lives of the star. In the case of Raai laxmi, she made quite the headlines a few years back when she was linked up with Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian wicket-keeper and former Indian team captain.

During an interview, popular entertainment portal SpotBoye asked her about Mahendra Singh Dhoni, to which she responded with this strange question, “Who’s he?”. Come on, he is MSD, the man who lead the team that won two World Cups and broke a lot of records in the process. He is also a subject of a biopic/PR project that starrer Sushant Singh Rajput. Surely ‘Who’s he?’ is kind of a silly response.

Thankfully, Raai Laxmi made more sense in the followup statements, as she harped on the fact that water has flown under the bridge and there is no point discussing about that, since both have gone their separate ways. She said, “This needs to have a full stop. It was a long time ago, he is happily married now, he has kids… Certain things don’t work out, and then you have to move on. People had quickly taken it to a level that I was going to get married to him, and that was simply not true. The hype got us into an awkward space and that is why I do not talk to the media much about this, but I am talking a bit now. I do not want to speak about him in detail because I respect him a lot.”

To brush up your history on this piece of rumour, Raai Laxmi and Mahendra Singh Dhoni were reportedly dating in 2008 when the former was the mascot for Chennai Super Kings, while the latter was the captain of the team. When the spotlight fell over their relationship, they reportedly broke up after dating for some time. While MSD is now married to Sakshi and is proud father of a beautiful daughter, Raai Laxmi continues to be part of South movies as well as now taking Bollywood by storm with Julie 2.

We wonder what Dhoni has to say about this.


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