Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Karthik gives a romantic surprise to Naira


Naira (Shivangi Joshi) thanks God for finally ending all the misunderstandings between Manish and Karthik (Mohsin Khan). Surekha tells them that Manish hasn’t stepped down from his room since morning and neither has Karthik come inside the house. Naira tells them that she has a plan to make them talk to each other. Luv and Kush bring Manish and Karthik to the drawing room. The ladies hide behind the pillar and spy on them. Both Karthik and Manish get awkward. Karthik smiles at him and leaves. The ladies get relieved. Keerti video calls Naksh and tells him that she is extremely happy as finally everything is going to fine between her father and brother.

Naira enters her room and gets surprised to read Karthik’s letter. He apologizes to her for ruining their first Teej and asks her to wear his gifted dress and come to the backyard. Naira goes there and gets surprised to see all the decorations. Karthik comes and hugs her. She asks him what was the need to do all this. He tells her that this is nothing in front of all that she has done for him. He goes down on his knees and makes her wear an anklette and thanks her for giving his father back to him.

Naira reminds him that it was him who made her meet her mother and says that they are equals now. He picks her up in his arms and takes the seven vows of the wedding once again in front of the moon. Next morning, Karthik goes for a walk with Manish and tells him that he wants to say something. Manish gets excited and asks what is it. Karthik tells him that he didn’t like Keerti’s wedding menu and asks if they can make changes to it. Manish says, ‘Yes, they definitely can.’ Manish starts panting. Karthik comes back and gives water to him. He asks him why didn’t he tell him that he had got tired. Manish says that he didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity of walking with him. Karthik tells him that he will walk slowly now.

Karthik video calls Naksh in front of Manish and tells him that he wants to throw a big bash for him before the wedding. Meanwhile, Ananya video calls Keerti and tells her about her bachelorette. Karthik tells them that he has challenged Naira that their party will be better than the girls’ party and asks them to suggest a theme. Manish says they can have Hip Hop themed party. Co-incidentally, Naira also suggests the same theme for Keerti’s hens party. Naira invites both the Singhanias and Goenkas for the party. They accept her invitation.

Naira tells Karthik that the ladies of both the families have agreed to come for the party. Karthik and Naira argue over whose party is going to be better. He tells her that ‘Mr. Goenka’ has decided the theme of the party. Naira asks Karthik to invite him for the party. Karthik goes and tells Manish that he must attend the party, tonight. Manish gets extremely happy to see the positive change in his behaviour.

Karthik enters his bedroom and gets stumped to see Naira rehearsing her dance steps. Naira embraces him and starts dancing with him. Karthik gets amused to see the wild side of her. ALSO READ: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Karthik gets shocked to know that Manish is innocent


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