Akhlaque Khan gets trolled; writes an open letter


The good looking and talented actors Akhlaque Khan recently came up with his short film titled as Kissss which is co-produced and written by him.

The actor turned producer received positive feedback and appreciations for his fantastic job in the film but where there is appreciation, there follows criticism too.

While trolling on social media is on a boom these days, Akhlaque too got trolled for his new venture as a producer.

A viewer of his short film posted a comment for him where he stated that being a Muslim producer, Akhlaque is destroying Indian culture by making non-muslim actresses do vulgar scenes.

Having a good laugh at the comment, Akhlaque wrote an open letter for the troller and posted it on his Facebook.

It reads –

Dear troller,

Your comment makes me laugh and feel sad at the same time.

It’s funny because these thoughts never occur to us. We are fortunate enough to be in an industry where we don’t cast or work with people depending on their religion. We don’t even befriend, date or marry someone keeping that criteria in mind. When we come to this city with limited resources, we are helped by good people (that’s their identity). We share rooms with good friends (religion no bar).

I feel sad that people like you think of themselves as the torch bearer of Indian culture. What culture are you talking about? Because last when I checked, Indian culture was about unity in diversity. It is about tolerance and love. It is about brotherhood. India is much bigger and richer to fit into your tiny brain of limited perception. And I am proud that I am a part of the industry that celebrates the spirit of India.

I feel sad for you  and people like you of every religion. Because you guys don’t understand the purpose of any religion. What you follow is the polluted form of spirituality. Religion indeed nowadays is “spirituality gone wrong”. Me and my friends don’t mind going to hell (like you mentioned) if people like you are not going to be there. I am sure you will go to heaven for saving the culture. Trust me, hell will be heaven without people like you.

When Tellygossip.net got in touch with Akhlaque, he stated, “Trolling has become very common nowadays. Some people are sitting on hot pans, always ready to judge and attack. They don’t even spare big sports personalities and filmstars. I initially decided to ignore the whole thing but something inside me wanted to speak out. I have never faced any issue in my life by being a Muslim. I am not even that religious and I am grateful to all the people I have met in my life who have accepted me as the individual I am rather than considering my religion. I have been brought up in a society where I have celebrated Eid and Diwali with equal zeal. Some stupid radical people are trying to disturb the essence of our country that is unity in diversity. It’s very easy to spread hatred. We need to spread love.”

Well said, Akhlaque! 


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