Did you know Ileana D’Cruz was offered Salman Khan’s Wanted?


Actress Ileana D’Cruz says there was a time when she would sign a film without thinking about it.

The 30-year-old actor has worked in more than 15 films in her six year-long career in South India, before making a debut in the Hindi film industry with Barfi! in 2012.

 “I keep joking, I was the Akshay Kumar of [the] South. I used to do four films a year. He does good films, but some films of mine were good, some weren’t. I was just signing films. There wasn’t this thing of ‘wanting to do good work’,” D’Cruz said.

The Mubarakan actor says she eventually decided to get focussed. Also read: Hey Deepika Padukone and Anushka Shetty, here’s what Ileana D’Cruz wants to steal from you – watch EXCLUSIVE video

“I told myself, this is never really going to last for a long time, [it’s] about time I start doing good work. Then I put my head into it completely. I had no idea about the South film industry and how it worked,” she said.

“When I was offered a film there, I thought how would I do it, I don’t even speak the language. When I started doing it, I was like anyway people won’t watch my film even if I do bad in it. It was a very stupid, carefree and careless attitude that I had,” D’Cruz added.

D’Cruz says she was approached for Bollywood films long before Barfi! hit theatres but she wasn’t prepared at the time.

“If I had done a Bollywood film, which has far more exposure than the South ones even though they get released worldwide, I would have made a fool of myself,” she said.

“I was actually going to back out of Barfi! as well, because I wasn’t sure. I took three months to sign it. There was something about the story. I don’t know if I will ever get to do a story like this. I decided on a whim to do it,” she said.

D’Cruz was also offered Salman Khan’s Wanted — a film whose Telugu original Pokiri featured her in the female lead — but the actor chose to appear for her exams over the movie. Also read: Ileana D’Cruz reveals her unexplored side in this distinctive new photoshoot

“I was actually going to do it. I was happy that my first film would be with Salman. I remember I had exams on back then. So when Boney [Kapoor] sir asked me to do the photoshoot, I was like ‘I am sorry, I have exams on. I can’t.’ I didn’t think I handled it well back then because I didn’t understand the gravity of the offer. For me, it was all about finishing my exams,” she said.


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