Karan Johar’s Gucci bag will cost you more than the latest iPhone X


Karan Johar is a fashionista in disguise and his classy choices will even put some actresses to shame. The director-cum-producer, who is very particular about who wears what and carries what kind of accessories, has his own collection of oh-so-good products, which will make your jaw drop. Be it those ridiculously classy jackets or the weird shoes that he wears and now even the bags that he prefers while traveling – every product is a class apart and will cost you a bomb. Now, if the person in question is someone as sophisticated as KJo, you can’t expect anything to be ordinary. Everything that he owns has to be chic and sometimes (no, well always) exorbitant. Also ReadJab Kajol met Karan Johar and hugged him with a heavy heart…

Now, if you guys are wondering as to why are we discussing the director and his fashion choices in detail, then there is a reason behind it. Just a few days ago, Karan Johar was snapped at the airport as he returned from London and while there was nothing extraordinary with his attire or look (yes, not even his shoes), there was a thing which instantly drew our attention. Knowing his love for brands, be it from the house of LVMH or Kering, we weren’t surprised to see him carrying a beguiling Gucci bag. The backpack from the Gucci’s Blind for Love collection is for anyone and everyone who loves fashion and understands the efforts that go behind making such classic pieces. And if it’s Gucci and Karan Johar, don’t you dare expect it to be pocket-friendly. It will, in fact, burn a hole in your pocket. The red funky backpack that Karan was seen carrying will cost you approximately $1,980 which is equal to Rs 1,27,012. Yes, that’s more than a yearly package which some of us draw but that’s even more than the cost of the latest iPhone X, which costs around 1 lakh rupees in India. If you are jealous of those who can afford the new iPhone, we wonder what your thoughts are on this extravagant buy. A backpack is still an unnecessary thing as compared to a phone, right?


But Karan Johar’s obsession with bags and big brands is no new thing. For someone who knows the Dharma Production’s head honcho, or who follows him closely, will know about his fascination with them and why he doesn’t think twice before splurging on it. Previously, too, we informed you guys about him being the only Indian who’s the proud owner of Louis Vuitton’s limited edition x Supreme Epi Keepall Bandoulier bag. And that apparently costs more than Rs 2 lakh. So if anyone of you is planning on robbing Karan Johar’s wardrobe, we don’t mind joining you guys.

Well, Karan is and has always been quite conscious of his choice of brands and we totally expected him to lay his hands on this one. He has been very upbeat about fashion and is even considered a fashion police in B-Town. Why else will we have actors sending him snaps everyday to approve of their airport look?


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