Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki 19th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tanuja, Rishi and Natasha spend some quality family time together


Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki starts with Tanuja(Kratika Sengar) reaching the restaurant and scolding Natasha for having icecream in the rains. Natasha and Tanya run away with their icecreams and Rishi(Sharad Malhotra) asks her to calm down as Natasha would return after finishing the icecream. Later Tanuja scolds Rishi for eating icecream when he is unwell. Rishi is happy to see Tanuja’s concern for him and asks her why is that so. Tanuja blurts out that she is in love with Rishi. The lawyers of both the parties meet and fight amongst themselves and promise even dirtier play in the court to win. Netra accidentally breaks her picture with Tanya and is tensed as she does not want Rishi to know why actually Tanuja had left him. Rishi holds Tanuja as she slips. Rishi tells Tanuja that he was waiting to hear what she said today for the past seven years. Rishi stops Tanuja as she tries walking away. He asks her why she is running away from him. Natasha and Tanya demand one more icecream as they call Rishi papa.  Abhishek (Amit Tandon) calls home to talk to Natasha and Tanuja but find them not at home. He gets worried and tries calling Tanuja.(Also Read: Rishi confronts the truth that separated him from Tanuja but is still unaware)

Rishi sees the call and takes Natasha and Tanya away as Tanuja takes the call. Tanuja tells Abhishek that Natasha is with her and she wanted to eat icecream. Abhishek assumes that Tanuja and Natasha are alone. Before Tanuja can tells him about Rishi, Abhishek hangs up. Rishi and Tanuja drive back and Natasha demands to go to Rishi’s house but Rishi refuses upsetting her. Later Tanuja asks Rishi if he would give her something that she would asks him for. She asks Rishi to return her Natasha. Rishi asks her to take her time and think about it that he has loved only Tanuja and if he cannot have her then he would need her shadow atleast. Rishi tells her that he would meet her at the same place that night and then she can give him the answer. Tanuja tells him that she would wait for him and he should definitely come.

Precap: Rishi sees Tanuja in Abhishek’s arms.


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