Riya eases out Dayavanti’s plotting in Naamkarann


Gurumaa and Dayavanti have made a plan against Neil and Avni. Neil also wants to expose Gurumaa on Vijayadashama eve. Neil cries and rests in Bebe’s lap, telling her about Juhi. Neela tells Bebe that Neil is thinking of Juhi. Bebe wants to know if Neil still loves Juhi. Neil is making a plan to free Juhi and Ali. Neil explains Bebe that just Avni is in his life and none can take her life. He worries for Avni. He has forgotten Juhi. He is moving on in life. Neil goes to check Raghu pandit in jail, and shocks her by his presence. He tells her that he knows she is Ragini pandit and he will catch her red handed when she does her next crime. She acts innocent in front of her. He says your time got over, you will be going jail forever, I have got evidence against you. Neil gives her much tension.

Neil and Avni started collecting evidence. Neil gets an arrest warrant issued against Gurumaa. Dayavanti and Gurumaa have come in full form to tackle Neil. Riya tells Dayavanti about Meher, who is Neil’s ex girlfriend. She shows the photo which she got from Shweta by difficulty. She tells Dayavanti that she will not waste her life after Neil and Avni further now. Dayavanti hugs Riya for doing a big thing for her. She thinks to use Juhi to weaken Neil and separate him from Avni.

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