Shah Rukh Khan remembers his father on his death anniversary by talking about his kids


Whenever Shah Rukh Khan talks about his parents, it makes all of us emotional. We know that his father died when we was 15, and his mother in his early 20’s at a time, when he was working on his TV serials. It is even more tragic as they did not live to see the stardom their son touched solely on his own merit and sheer hard work. On the occasion of his father’s death anniversary, Shah Rukh Khan posted on Twitter: 19Sept. Like my dad(RIP),my only duty 2 my kids is 2 delay the onset of their adulthood as much as possible.Retain purity of their childhood. We know that SRK is a good father and that comes from the kind of relationship he shared with his dad, Mir Taj Mohammad Khan. (Also Read: Whoa! Shah Rukh Khan and Oprah Winfrey to exchange “Nayi Soch” on TED Talks)


In recent times, we have seen how Shah Rukh Khan is reliving his childhood with AbRam. The actor also gives quality time to Aryan and Suhana making sure he is there with them for all their special moments and milestones. In his interviews, he has spoken about how he misses not having elders at home, and his kids not getting the love of his parents. The matinee idol has spoken about his father as a gentle giant, a scholar who always gave importance to individuality, manners and education. The actor’s fans got emotional on reading the post and many said they would read the Fatiha for him. Some said that he was doing a great job as a father.

We know that the star visits his grave if he is in Delhi. However, he has stated that he does not wish to enter the Green Park/Gautam Nagar residences in Delhi where his parents died. He feels it would be unfair on the people who now live in those homes and feels that his memories should move with him. It is a very personal space for the actor, who has wonderfully described his childhood and upbringing in his biography. Over the years, he has proved that he is a great dad to Aryan, Suhana and AbRam and we feel they will make him proud in the future. Stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more scoop and updates…


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