Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 19th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Soumya decides to sell off her kidney and get rid of Harman


Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki starts with  Soumya(Rubina Dilaik) being instigated by Shanno and Raavi to sell her kidney so she might get free of this house soon enough. Soumya decides to do the same. Surbhi(Roshni Sahota) asks Varun(Lakshya Handa) if they had followed Harman (Vivian DSena) and Soumya to the passport office that day. Varun decides to tell Surbhi everything as he does not want Surbhi to find out other way and then he might lose her. Varun tells Surbhi that they had followed them and seeing some kinners Harman had hurried off and Preeto had asked him to return home and she herself had followed the kinners. Surbhi asks Varun to get ready and go with her to the place so they can unearth the truth. Soumya thinks about everything she has gone through in these days and she decides that she has to sell off her kidney so Harman finds true happiness. Mallika calls Soumya and asks her if she is sure about her decision of going away from Harman and Soumya assures her that it is. (Also Read: Saumya is mocked by the family when she cries for help, Preeto plots again)

Harman thinks of meeting Soumya once in her room but then decides against it as she would fight with him if she sees him. Surbhi and Varun reach the place where they had seen Preeto following the kinners. Raavi and Shanno wonder why Soumya is not around at tea time and think their plan might be successful. Harman too wonders why Soumya is not out. Chintu goes on to check in her room but does not find her. Harman and family hurry to Soumya’s room and see her gone. Harman sees the newspaper in Soumya’s room and asks his friend to get the yesterday’s newspaper. Harman goes through the paper to find out the kidney sale advertisement. Preeto slaps Shanno for leaving proof for what she did. Harman decides to follow Soumya. Surbhi and Varun talk to the kinners and find out the truth and decide to tell Soumya everything so she is not angry anymore with Harman and things sort out. Preeto and Harak find the advertisement and decide to call the hospital to find out if the operation has commenced but later they decide against it as they do not want the hospital to know that she has a family. Surbhi reaches the haveli and asks for Soumya and Chintu tells her about the kidney sale. Surbhi is shocked so is Varun, Surbhi asks Varun to call Harman and check where Soumya is. Surbhi turns to Preeto and confronts Preeto for being a bad mother and warns Preeto that if anything happens to Soumya she will not forgive Preeto, Preeto laughs at her.

Precap: Soumya meets her doctor and she recognizes Soumya


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