Chandra Nandini 19 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: A misguided Bindusar refuses to forgive Nandini


Bindusar  (Siddharth Nigam) asks his family members that why did they hid his mother’s truth from him for so many years. He tells them that only Helena had the courage to reveal the secret to him. Bindusar tells Chandra that he was so lost in his wife’s love that he didn’t give him the time he deserved to spend with his father in his growing years. He tells Chandra that he is the criminal in his eyes. He leaves. Everyone gets shocked.

Apama scolds Helena for ruining their plan. Helena tells Apama that Bindusar is still very much in their hands as she has told him her version of the truth and not the actual truth. Flashback begins. Helena goes and tells Bindusar that she and his entire family have hid something from him all his life. Bindusar asks what is it. She shows him an old letter and says that Durdhara had mentioned in it that she is afraid of Chandra’s wife. Helena tells him that the entire blame of killing Durdhara would have come on her as Chandra was madly in love with Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) and he would not have never accepted that she could do something like this. And, that’s why her mother, Apama, took the entire blame on her head to protect her daughter from being convincted for a crime she never did. Bindusar gets shocked and says he could have never imagined that Nandini could be so cunning. Flashback ends. Apama praises Helena.

Bindusar comes and touches Apama’s feet and thanks her for saving her mother. Chandra tells Prabha that he should not have hid the truth from his son. Prabha asks him not to worry and says she is sure that one day his son will understand her. He says that he is also waiting for the day when Bindusar will accept her as his mother. He tells her how she used to be Bindusar’s favourite. Prabha says she can’t believe she used to share such a great bond with him. Chandra asks her to accept the fact that she is Nandini. Prabha decides to make Bindusar’s favourite sweet dish for him.

Charumati asks Bindusar why isn’t he able to hit the arrow in the bulls eye. She calls Dharma and asks her to stand in place of the target. Charumati warns Dharma that she will not be able to call her husband in her room from nowonwards as Bindusar might miss the target under the influence of alcohol. Dharma tells Charumati that she should have been there that night to witness how Bindusar submitted himself to her. He gets angry and goes and asks her why is she lying. Dharma asks him to tell the truth to his wife if he has the courage. Charumati asks him if what she is saying is true. He leaves.

Prabha asks a servant to clean Bindusar’s room and replace alcohol with a fruit juice. He comes back to his room and gets angry to not find his alcohol. Prabha tells him that she had asked the servant to replace his alcohol with a fruit juice. She offers him his favourite sweet dish. He throws it away and asks her why is she pretending to be nice. She asks him why is he so angry with her. She says now it has been proved that his mother was not killed by her but Apama. He tells her Helena’s story and asks her to ask Chandra why did he throw her out of the palace if she didn’t kill Durdhara. Prabha goes and asks Chandra why did he throw her out of the palace if he loved her so much. ALSO READ: Chandra Nandini 18 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Chandra gets shocked to discover that Bindusar already knows the truth of Durdhara’s death


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