Disappointed with the low TRP’s: Sonal Vengurlekar


Sam Dam Dand Bhed, is one show that was expected to do wonders for the newly revamped Star Bharat. However, it didn’t happen so. The political drama which is getting good reviews for its storyline managed to garner 0.5-0.6 TVR points. On the other hand shows like Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal and Nimki Mukhiya have done well on the channel.

TellyGossip.com got in touch with the leading lady of the series recently to become aware of her opinion about the response the show is garnering. Sonal Vengurlekar who plays Mandira in this Shakuntalam Telefilms’ production says she had expectations from the show. “We’ve been getting good reviews. So we had expectations that the show will do good. We all are sort of disappointed because there’s too much of hard work gone into the making of it. Having said that, this is surely not the end, it has just started.”

Sonal who is clearly not happy with the way things are with her show blames it on less promotion, quips she, “If you observe, the top shows of the channel are the ones that have been promoted. Only the shows which have been promoted well are doing well. Our show was not promoted. The TRP’s are low due to no promotion of the show. Most of the mass won’t even know that the show is on-air. Maybe the channel had its own strategy for the good. Maybe if the show was promoted well, it would have done well on the charts.” 

However, according to the actress it is not just the promotions, there is another reason why the show is taking time to start the cash registers ringing. “The other shows are comedic and light-hearted ones. They always work.  Indian audience has always liked these genres. Our concept is different, so the audience can’t pick up from anywhere in the middle,” Sonal introspected.

Nonetheless, the talented beauty hasn’t lost hope. Amidst the times when the competition is so fierce that channels plug off shows in the shortest of timespan, Sonal still has hopes. “The show has just begun, the main story is yet to start. We are now even planning to visit different Indian cities for promotions. The concept is innovative. I don’t know whether it is a trendsetter or not, but the show won’t be a failure at least,” the pretty lady concluded.


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