Jumanji – Welcome To The Jungle trailer 2: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black starrer promises to be a whacky, adventurous ride – watch video


When Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart collaborated for the first time on the big screen for Central Intelligence, not many expected the film to be such a big success and receive equal amount of accolades for its humour quotient. While there are talks of Central Intelligence 2, but nothing’s concrete on that front. However, fans of the duo have something to be cherish about. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are returning to the big screen with a sequel to much loved Robin Williams’ 1995 Jumanji. Also read: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart to return with Central Intelligence sequel

The first trailer of the film was released on June 29, 2017 and there is not much of difference between the two trailers apart from few gags. Nevertheless, this trailer too is funny with banter between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart at its forefront.

The film is about four teenagers being swooped into a video game. Unlike the original that had a board game at its forefront. The weakest one becomes the strongest (Dwayne Johnson), tallest one becomes the shortest (Kevin Hart), and one of the girls turns into a middle aged man (Jack Black). Also read: Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle trailer – Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart reunite to give a contemporary twist to the original Robin Williams-starrer

Check out the trailer 2 below:

When the first images of the film were out, many called out the makers for sexism as they showed the only female lead played by Karen Gillan in a short dress. However makers had then released a statement clarifying the reason behind it which was that in those old video games of the ’80s, the female character is usually dressed up in a skimpy attire

In the first trailer of the film too they have spoken about it as Karen’s character, as soon as arrives in the Jungle, asks, “Why am I wearing half a shirt and short shorts, in the Jungle?” Wonder if it was added later as a deliberate dig?

Check out that trailer below:

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