Naamkarann 20th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode:Neil threatens to sign the divorce papers if Avni put herself into any more risk


Naamkarann starts with Avni (Aditi Rathore) trying to understand what Neil (Zain Imam) wants to tell her. Later Neil who does not want Avni to take anymore rash decisions for him asks her to sleep. In the night Avni wakes up to see Neil trying to get a warrant to raid the rangmahal. His superior though does not allow him to do the same. Neil tries to get an appointment with the minister and schedules it for the next day. Avni tries to calm Neil and finally they hug and decide to sleep. Avni meets Bebe who relates to her a story from the ramayan. Bebe tells Avni that Sita has to enter the Lanka so that Raavan can be ended. Avni sees a ray of hope and goes back to Neil, she tells him that she would need to go back to rangmahal so that she can collect some evidence. Neil refuses to allow her and threatens to sign the divorce papers if she did not heed him this time. Next day Neela tells Avni about Aman and that how she has not been able to believe his version of the story of meeting Dayawanti.(Also Read: Avneel find out that Raghu Pandit is actually a woman)

Avni meets Dayawanti in jail and threatens her to stay away from Aman and not use the boy for her evil intentions. As Avni leaves she bumps into a lady and sees the mark she had noticed on Ali’s dead body. Neil and DD go through the picture of Ragini pandit and also her past. Avni barges in and asks for the body pictures of Ali. She then tells Neil about the mark. They now take out information of who all are there in the cell with Dayawanti. They get the record of Ragini and Avni recognizes her from the rangmahal. Neil tells Avni that Ragini has been in jail for years now but Avni is sure that she is not wrong. DD then remembers the incident when he had received an information about a woman entering and leaving the jail freely.

Precap: Avni is kidnapped by Ballu.


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