Naksh-Kirti’s mehendi to have twists in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik gets scared seeing a statue. He tells Naira about the ghost. Kartik pulls her leg. They tease each other and express love. Kartik wears the blue hair wig. Naira tells him that there is no ghost. He says I m really scared of that statue. She says it just came along with the old things. She tells him that it got much late and they have to sleep early, to wake up early for the mehendi rasam. She asks him to wake up on time and goes. She stops him from romancing.

Karishma drops the shagun mehendi by mistake and worries. She tells Naitik that she didn’t do it intentionally. She feels abshagun has happened. Naksh comes to meet Kirti. Everyone asks Karishma not to think of any bad happening. Kirti gets glad that Naksh wants to share his happiness with her. Naksh asks Kirti, Naira and Kartik to come along and become a part of his special happiness. Naira and Kartik send Naksh and Kirti alone. Dadi asks Naksh and Kirti to come back soon, as they have to keep mehendi function at home. Kartik and Naira get busy in arguments and carry forward the preparations.

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