Udaan 20th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Suraj decides to become the old person and forget Chakor


Udaan starts with Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) talking to Imli(Vidhi Pandya) about Chakor (Meera Deosthale) being married, he says he is going to meet Chakor and ask her about this. Imli asks him not to ruin her life now that she is love with someone else. Suraj refuses to accept this and asks Imli how can he forget the girl that he loved so much. He then questions God. Chakor on the other hand is convinced by Rannvijay to stay at his house for the time being. She asks to go to the Durga Pandal as she wishes to meet Suraj again, she says once they are face to face the misunderstanding might vanish. Suraj decides to check at the hospital if Chakor comes out alone or with the inspector.(Also Read: Suraj misunderstands that Chakor is married to someone else)

He suddenly sees Chakor entering the pandal and he finds her alone he happily tells Imli but Imli points out the sindoor on her forehead and Suraj is left thinking. Imli takes advantage of the diversion to point out an inspector at the other side of the pandal and Suraj goes off to check while Chakor sees him and calls out to him. Imli drags Chakor away and assks her to leave as Suraj will kill her. Chakor is not convinced but Imli is not listening to a no and gives her the vow of her unborn child and asks her to leave. Suraj bumps into a man and the man starts a fight with Suraj. Imspector Rannvijay too enters the pandaal.

Precap: Suraj sees Chakor fall into Rannvijay’s arms and decides to go back to his old life.


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