6 times Kareena Kapoor’s off-beat films made a mark like no other


Refugee – Kareena debuted with this film in the year 2000 and her portrayal of Naaz, a Bangladeshi refugee living in Pakistan won her the best debut Filmfare award.

Asoka – In this Santosh Sivan directed 2001 film, Kareena played Kaurvaki and she was paired against the Baadshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan. Kareena played the role of the princess of Kalinga.

Chameli – This 2004 film was directed by Anant balani, unfortunately he died before the movie was completed after which Sudhir Mishra directed the film. In the film Kareena plays a street-smart prostitute who the protagonist meets near a deserted alley.

Omkara – In this 2006 Kareena’s portrayal of Dolly Mishra, the playful innocent young woman smitten by Omi and expresses her love for him and lays the foundation of their relationship is as ambiguous as was Desdemona in Macbeth, the Shakespearean play from which the film has been adapted.

Talaash – The answer lies within – this 2012 psychological thriller directed by Reema Kagti saw the sexy actress play the role of the spirit of deceased prostitute referred to in the film as Rosie/simran. Her performance was much lauded and also helped to maintain the intriguing nature of the film.

Satyagraha – Kareena played a hard headed TV reporter out in the field in this 2013 film directed by Prakash Jha. She digs deep and has an opinion, her character’s relation with her beloved clashes on terms of ideologies. Kareena was phenomenon in her portrayal of the role.

Udta Punjab – This 2016 black comedy film was the talk of the time. Kareena played Dr Preet Sahni in the film who fought against the rampant drug usage by teenagers in Punjab. The actress was nominated for the best supporting actress at the Filmfare Awards ceremony.


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