Gauri on industry temptations, the Kangana fiasco and her four kids


The beautiful Gauri Pradhan is set to make a comeback on TV screens after a brief hiatus. The perpetual beauty will be seen playing a negative character for the first time in Colors’ Tu Aashiqui. Gauri is at her glamorous best in the promos and one can’t wait to see her new character.

The actor, who started her career with historical tele-series Noor Jahan and got fame post Kutumb and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, has come a long way. In an exclusive conversation with, the uber-calm Gauri Pradhan spoke at length about a lot of things, some of which were extremely personal as well.

The lady will be playing a vamp for the first time in her career. While discussing her character Anita, she explained, “Anita is an out and out negative character. The character is not like regular vamps who are over the top and scream. She is very subtle; she is power hungry and is using her daughter as a pawn to get what she wants. It is unusually negative, which might click with the audience.”

Gauri has been in the industry for more than a decade. Amidst times when female actors after an age are used as sidekicks, Pradhan on the other hand is satisfied with her career graph. “As an actor I’ve done some fabulous characters.  I’ve always been very particular and choosy about what I do. Today I’m very satisfied but as an actor you always itch to do something new and different and therefore I picked this show,” she voiced.

Gauri and her better half Hiten have been married for over a decade. The duo first met on a set of an ad shoot and later hit it off with each other again on the sets of their first popular series Kutumb. While every other day there are reports in media about a popular couple filing for divorce and separating, Hiten-Gauri, by God’s grace are still going strong. On the dynamics of relationship in this startling industry Gauri spoke her mind and made a point. “In this industry there is lot of temptations. You are working with someone new in every show. So the physicality and chemistry is bound to happen and hit you.  It’s natural, if you don’t feel it then it’s not normal.”

Taking a brief pause she continued, “At the same time you’ve to be very strong headed, you’ve to know your values and what you believe in. So there are temporary temptations that won’t last long. You’ve to be smart and get over it.

So haven’t these temptations hit the lady? How come she has remained unaffected by it?

She strongly reverted, “Personally these temptations haven’t gotten into me. It’s normal to feel that proximity with somebody but I haven’t felt anything that strong or maybe the bond between me and Hiten is too strong. I’m a very strong headed I know what I want and I’m very satisfied and happy with my personal life. I’ve got a great husband, great kids. So it has not happened with me.”

Furthermore, Gauri mentions the bonding with her hubby after years of marriage is still strong. “It’s still the same. He is so entertaining even now.  I tell people that I have four kids- 2 kids, my dog and my husband the oldest one. At least the kids listen to me when I give them a stern look, however Hiten doesn’t”

The model turned actor who has been part of dozens of TV show, has wish list of characters she’d like to do. The lady who is also a businesswoman wants to attempt something different in her next. She quipped, “Something like Kangana(Ranaut) is doing. Of course she is brilliant but now people are writing roles for her. Author backed roles! That is something I would want to do, even if it is on TV.”

While talking about the Queen of Bollywood, Pradhan didn’t hesitate to talk about the Kangana and Hrithik fiasco. “Firstly I would not get into a situation like that. Whether she is doing right or wrong is none of my business. So I won’t comment about that. Yes, but I’m a very private person, So I would never be in such mess,” she concluded. wishes the talented actor all the luck for her next venture.


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