Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki 20th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi is broken to see Tanuja in Abhishek’s arms


Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki starts with  Netra seeking forgiveness for her mistakes in the temple. She asks God to let her stay with Tanya and Rishi(Sharad Malhotra). She feels scared to lose everything if Rishi comes to know of the truth. Abhishek(Amit Tandon) reaches home with a load of gifts for Natasha and he excitedly picks up Natasha as Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) tries to feed her. Abhishek manages to feed Natasha and also he stares longingly at Tanuja. Rishi gets sleepless as he remembers Tanuja and their time together in the past. Rishi remembers how they had spend time playing a guessing game as he blindfolded Tanuja. Rishi thinks if Tnauja can ever trust him again like she used to. Rishi realises late that he missed his date and rushes out. Tanuja waits at the balcony and cries as she feels he ditched her again. She cries as she thinks about Rishi’s love for her and Natasha and then suddenly realises that she cannot be selfish with Natasha as she cannot let Rishi braek Natasha’s heart.Abhishek sees her at the balcony and calls out to her.(Also Read: Tanuja, Rishi and Natasha spend some quality family time together)

Tanuja blurts out that she loves Rishi too much and still. She says she cannot forget him ever. Abhishek is shattered to haer this yet he holds Tanuja as she hugs him crying. Rishi arrives just then and watches them at the balcony. He cannot bear to see Tanuja in Abhishek’s arms as he loves her. Rishi drives away in anger. Abhishek tells Tanuja that she should not cry and even if she wants to she should cry with her whole heart as then all the pain would flow away and then she will never cry again. Abhishek leaves her as he remembers their time together. Rishi stops mid road and he cannot bear his pain as he thinks of how he saw her in Abhishek’s arms. He screams out to her. Tanuja somehow senses him and his scream. She runs to open the door and look out. Rishi sees Tanuja with him.

Precap: Abhishek asks Tanuja to come for food and she calls out to Rishi.


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