Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki 21st September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi gets drunk and Tanuja worries about him


Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki starts with Rishi(Sharad Malhotra) and Tanuja(Kratika Sengar) standing face to face and Rishi asks her about hugging Abhishek(Amit Tandon). Tanuja asks him to go home with her and Rishi refuses saying that is not home for him as she is not there anymore. He asks her how he could leave her, Tanuja says that it was their fate to separate as it is not necessary for people who love to stay together. Rishi cannot bear the fact that she was with Abhishek. Tanuja hugs him and he too holds her but suddenly he wakes up to realise Manpreet standing infront of him. Manpreet tells him that it is only them there and Tanuja is not there. Tanuja sits thinking of Rishi and suddenly blurts out his name when Abhishek asks her to come for dinner. She feels as if Rishi is in pain and she is crying. Manpreet takes Rishi home and gives him some alcohol to drink to lessen his pain. Manpreet thinks of why Rishi has to go through all this pain. Natasha shws Tanuja the gifts that Abhishek gave her. Tanuja is lost and Abhishek watches her, he tries to console her. Tanuja says she does not know what is wrong with her and says she wants to be left alone for a while. (Also Read: Rishi is broken to see Tanuja in Abhishek’s arms)

A drunk Rishi reaches home and Manpreet gets him in. Rishi says he is missing Tanuja more after getting drunk. Rishi says the house is full of mad people and they are all enemies here. Ahana and Netra see Rishi. Netra tries holding Rishi but Rishi shouts at her and says that as she touches him Tanuja goes away from him. Netra is shocked as Manpreet takes Rishi away. Ahana says she had Tanuja’s call who asked if Rishi is fine. Ahana wonders how Tanuja comes to know when Rishi is in pain. Biji says that they feel each other’s pain even when they are far away. Mnapreet tries to calm down a drunk Rishi when Tanuja calls Rishi. Manpreet takes the call and shows Tanuja, Rishi who has dozed off. Tanuja lies that Natasha had called Rishi. Tanuja is now calm and relaxed to see that Rishi is fine. Manpreet thinks about how different their love is. Abhishek plays with Natasha and Tanuja walks in saying they can have dinner. Abhishek says that he is happy to see her smiling again and Natasha in her innocence says that probably Tanuja got her Mr. Handsome. Next morning Netra tries to stop Tanya from waking up Rishi but Rishi is woken and decides to drop Tanya to school. Rishi meets Tanuja again at school and she asks him if he is angry with her and he looks at her as he remembers how he saw her with Abhishek last night.

Precap: Rishi’s lawyer questions Tanuja about Natasha’s accident


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