Naamkarann 21st September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Neil confronts Ragini Pandit, Dayawanti strikes a deal with Ragini regarding Avni


Naamkarann starts with Avni (Aditi Rathore) and Neil (Zain Imam) trying to deduce how Ragini pandit can move in and out of jail without any one noticing. Finally Neil charts out a plan and decides to catch her red handed. Neil sets up a secret team with just DD  and himself and few other officers. They layout a plan of the rangmahal before them and check out its entrance. They suddenly hear a voice from the recorder installed in the room. They hear that Ragini pandit has left for the jail. Neil and team act fast and layout trap in the road. Two lady inspectors dressed as prisoners enter the jail and inform Neil that Ragini is not in. Dayawanti stops them and asks them why they are here they say they have come to meet Pandit. Neil and team track the car and stop it but find no one inside. Neil and DD enter the jail and question the jailer. The jailer is left speechless when asked about Ragini but suddenly Ragini enters and says she broke her arm when she slipped while washing clothes so she was taken to the hospital. Neil tells her that he knows she is Pandit and that she is now in his radar. Ragini indirectly taunts and threatens Neil to get proof against her and then accuse her. She also acts innocent saying she was here and he can very well check the cctv footage for the proof. Neil gives her an ultimatum till vijaydashmi and says he would then come and arrest her himself. Ragini later on thanks Dayawanti who it is revealed had doubted the two undercover officers and had warned Pandit. Pandit tells Dayawanti that she very well knows what Dayawanti wants and that she would fulfill her desire in return of this favour.(Also Read: Neil threatens to sign the divorce papers if Avni put herself into any more risk)

Dayawanti is happy as she says she wants to give Avni a life worse than death in the rangmahal. Neil is confronted by his superior for taking a rash decision without any proof and asks Neil to stop the investigation and take no further action without further orders. Neil returns home just as Avni hears a voice from the recorder saying bBallu is going to a place to get the diety image. Neil walks in and Avni tries talking to him but Neil is frustrated as he says eh will not be able to save Juhi as the system is wrong here and he cannot go against the system. Avni hugs Neil to calm him and Neela enters unnoticed. Neil keeps talking and asks Avni how he can forgive himself for what happened to Juhi and Avni consoles him saying that they would find a way through this and get Juhi out. Neela hears this and is shocked. neil notices her and tries to run behind her to tell her the truth but Avni stops him and says she herself would speak to Neela. Avni tells Neela that Juhi is alive and in a great mess. Neela tells Avni that she can sense her and Ayesha’s fate gaining in on Avni’s life. Neela asks Avni to promise her that she would not give up on what is hers and will fight for her own right. Avni promises she will but also adds that she can also not take up what belongs to someone else. She says that she has to think about Juhi and the situation she has been in for the past 5years. Avni walks away saying she would do all that it takes to free Juhi. Neela is sad and she decides to never let Avni give up on her happiness. I the night Avni talks to DD and later Neil gets cozy as he gets close to Avni.


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