Salman Khan becomes the highest paid, courtesy Bigg Boss 11?


The buzz around the TV reality show Bigg Boss has not been up to the mark off lately. Though there have been few names buzzing in the media, nothing concrete has been reported.

Well, we have reported about few names that might get locked up inside the house. However, what has kept everyone’s excitement still on is the host of the show. Now has some exclusive information that will raise some eyebrows. has learnt that the host of the Colors’ popular reality is getting a huge paycheck. Salman Khan has been hosting the show since season 4. It is for the eighth time when he’ll be donning the hat of a host. Audience has loved him in every season and a major set of Bigg Boss’s viewers tune in just to watch the ‘Dabangg‘ Khan.

Currently, for the 11 season, the makers couldn’t afford to lose the star and therefore they are shelling a huge amount of money.

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If our sources are to be believed, Salman Khan is apparently getting 11 crore per episode. That means the superstar will be taking 22 crores just for a week.

Last season the channel paid Salman around 8 crores for every episode. Now, it doesn’t come as a surprise if the Kick star is taking a humongous amount back home.

If this happens to be true, Salman will be the highest paid movie star on TV. Salman has left all his contemporaries far behind in terms of the pay given to him. earlier exclusively revealed that Salman’s contemporary Shah Rukh Khan was getting 30 crores a week. However, SRK shot for Ted Talks just for seven days, while Salman would be shooting for around 15 weeks for his show. 

No wonder Salman has comeback with Bigg Boss season 11 despite his hectic film schedule.

Furthermore there have been reports that commoners getting inside the house this season won’t be paid. The channel is already putting so much money on Salman so they had to maintain the budget somehow. Maybe with this the above logic could be explained. 

Produced by EndemolShine India, the reality series is slated to air from 1 October. 


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