Udaan 21st September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Suraj is broken as he returns to his old life, Chakor starts afresh


Udaan starts with Imli(Vidhi Pandya) finally convincing Chakor (Meera Deosthale) to go away and save her child, Chakor gets dizzy and starts falling and Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) sees her and runs to hold her but Rannvijay reaches her before him and he holds Chakor. Suraj is shattered seeing this and Imli takes advantage of this situation and instiagtes Suraj further. Suraj decides to return to Azadhganj to his old life and break old memories or ties with Chakor and end their story. As Chakor walks away she turns to bend before the diety and she sees Suraj. They have an eyelock and they have flashes of the memories of time spent together. Imli takes Suraj away as Chakor remembers what Imli told her. Rannvijay tells Chakor that probably everything that is happening might be for some good purpose, he asks her to try and start afresh in life with new people. Rannvijay gets Chakor to his house where his mother welcomes her, his mother says that Rannvijay had told them that she was an old friend and is in trouble and would stay with them. They welcome her and they celebrate navmi together with some little girls. (Also Read: Suraj decides to become the old person and forget Chakor)

Chakor sees some men with guns outside. The little girls are sent back with some security men. Rannvijay has two sisters who tells Chakor that Rannvijay respects women a lot. Suraj reaches home and breaks things as he says he will forget Chakor. Suraj is drunk and inconsolable as he keeps talking of forgetting Chakor. Tejaswini, Kasturi and Bhuvan try to calm Suraj. Kasturi and Bhuvan fail to accept the fact that Chakor can deceive Suraj. Bhuvan requests to meet Chakor once and Tejaswini too wants to. Imli and Kamal Narayan are happy about what is happening. Suraj stops everyone from taking Chakor’s name and then realises he himself is taking her name so much. Suraj cannot hold himself from remembering Chakor. Imli congratulates Kamal Narayan, and he tells Imli that Suraj will become his successor now. Imli tells Kamal Narayan that Suraj cannot handle himself anymore and that she herself would become his successor now. Imli tries to convince Kamal Narayan as he seems taken aback by her sudden demand. Imli says she is now no more with Chakor and does not want to be in her shadow anymore. Kamal Narayan agrees to what Imli demands saying he needs a cunning mind like Imli’s to control Azadhganj like before.

Precap: Suraj contemplates suicide, Chakor is stopped as she tries opening a closed door in Rannvijay’s house.


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