Can you believe it…we found Deepika Padukone’s doppelganger in Aditi Rao Hydari? Check out pictures! 


Yes, you might assume we are making up stuff and how is it even possible. But for someone who’s an ardent fan of Deepika, the similarities are quite evident. No, we aren’t saying that Aditi is actually following the Padmavati star’s footsteps but unknowingly she ends up looking like the diva, making jaws drop. You may have stumbled upon many doppelgangers of actresses in the past, but nothing can come this close. This is the rare case of an actress resembling another actress so perfectly and yet being distinct. Both the actresses have been successful so far in winning hearts with their candour and sass and why not? With those charming faces and features that can put any beauty queen to shame, they deserve all the rights to rule our hearts.

Ever wondered if Aditi Rao Hydari and Deepika Padukone are remotely connected to each other for they share so many similarities? With a penchant to look royal and mesmerising, both Aditi and Deepika end up looking similar, making us believe that they are sisters from different mothers. And if Aditi had marked her debut a few years later in the industry, she would have been applauded for sharing the gorgeous look as Deepika’s. And you can notice the similarities in their features but there’s lot more than that. While Aditi has royalty running in her genes, Deepika Padukone is known for making history come alive, be it with  Bajirao Mastani or the recent Padmavati. Also the fact that their off-screen vibe is so real and refreshing, it just baffles the onlookers and adds another chapter to their book of similarities. We might be reading too much between the lines here but the resemblances are so striking that only a fool can ignore it. Wondering what’s making us gush so much? Check out the pictures below and we bet you folks will join our league. Also Read: Is Deepika Padukone’s look from Padmavati inspired by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s appearance in Jodhaa Akbar? The designer answers…

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We hope now our theory is convincing enough for you guys and will make you believe that Aditi is, in fact, a doppelganger of Ms Padukone. We are sure that the Wazir actress will never agree to this, but she does share many similarities with her senior and she should be proud of that.


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