Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki 22nd September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi and Tanuja fight for Natasha as the past slowly begins to reveal itself


Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki starts with Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) angry with Tanuja(Kratika Sengar) over last night. Rishi tells Tanuja that he is not repentant that he did not meet her, Tanuja blames him for breaking his promise and not coming. Tanuja says her answer to him remains the same and she and Natasha will  never be his ever. Rishi says he does not want her anymore and he just want his daughter back. Rishi says that she and her husband should not make a public display of their love. Tanuja understands what he must have seen and she points out to him that Abhishek is her husband and Rishi is intruding into their private life. Rishi praises Netra and Tanuja loses it and she says she knows whatever Netra has done and that Abhishek is nothing like her because he strives to make her happy. Netra worries about court hearing the next day and worries about the questions that will be raised. Rishi is left speechless as Tanuja accuses him of trying to take Natasha from her. Abhishek tries to console a disturbed Tanuja and asks her to move on in life. Tanuja says she cannot trust anyone anymore after what Rishi did with her..(Also Read: Rishi gets drunk and Tanuja worries about him)

Abhishek promises that he is not Rishi and he would never let her break ever again. Next morning it is revealed that Mr. Mehra, Abhishek’s lawyer has been taken ill and now the case will be fought by his boss Mr. Batra. Rishi’s lawyer sees something wrong in this set up and warns Rishi but Rishi says that he does not see anything wrong with this. The court begins with Mr.Batra stating that Rishi is an angry man and loses his temper time and again.  He calls a worker from Abhishek’s house and the worker states how loving a father Abhishek is and that he would undertake any kind of lose for the sake of Natasha. Rishi’s lawyer though counters the argument by stating the example of when Rishi had been present at the time of Natasha’s accident and Abhishek was absent. The lawyer then calls Tanuja to the box and questions her about the accident. She too reconfirms that it was Rishi who provided blood for Natasha while Abhishek was still on the way. Tanuja tries to defend Abhishek by saying he was stuck in the traffic but the lawyer does not allow her to complete. Later Mr. Batra calls Rishi to the box and asks him why he was so generous to give blood to Natasha. Rishi says he was not aware he had a daughter since the last seven years.

Precap: Netra is questioned by the judge over a lie that she has hidden, Rishi demands Tanuja and Natasha back from Netra.


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