Naamkarann 22nd September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Avni confesses her love for Neil unknowingly as Neil is overwhelmed to hear it


Naamkarann starts with Avni (Aditi Rathore) and Neil(Zain Imam) having a moment as they are lost in each other. Later Avni notices a wound on Neil’s hand and she dresses it while Neil praises her for being so selfless after knowing the entire truth. Avni tells Neil that she is just thinking about how it is not Juhi’s fault that she is going through all this from the last 5years. Avni also says that she is sure that the past’s return will cause no difference in their relationship and she knows it, Neil assures her the same. Next morning Avni talks to a sleeping Neil as she seeks forgiveness for leaving once again without informing him. Avni tells Neil that she has no choice to save Juhi other than this and she wants that Neil should win here. Avni waits for DD at a market place while she sees Ballu and his men loading the image of a diety. Ballu sees Avni and walks towards her as she panics and tries reaching DD on phone. The goons kidnap Avni and take her away. Ragini and Dayawanti prepare to get Avni to Rangmahal.(Also Read: Neil confronts Ragini Pandit, Dayawanti strikes a deal with Ragini regarding Avni)

Dayawanti meets Riya who gets along with her a photo of Neil and Juhi. Riya begs Dayawanti to see it once and Dayawanti is shocked to see the photo as a plan develops in her head as now she knows that she holds Neil’s past and present in her hand. Avni is brought to Juhi who is even more shocked to see Avni. Ballu says that they both will be sold together and Ragini would be very pleased by him now. As Juhi and Ballu leave Avni sees the Ganpati statue in which she has hidden the voice transmitter. She tries to reach Neil as Neil is tensed and blames DD for letting Avni do this. Neil hears Avni’s voice ass he tells him that she came to rangmahal on her own will and he should not scold DD. Neil is furious as he gets the divorce papers and asks DD to get him a pen as he would now sign it. DD hides the one pen there. Neil pushes DD away in his frustration and asks Avni why she did this when he asked her not to. Ballu returns and takes Avni to her room and Juhi takes the ganpati statue to the room of Avni as she thinks that Avni needs him more. Ballu tells Avni that she wanted to save Juhi and now she too is stuck.

Avni tells Ballu that she trusts her husband and she knows he would come and save her soon. Neil hears her confession of love and trust as he feels helpless. Avni notices the statue after she has confessed her feelings for Neil. Later Avni adds that Ragini pandit will meet her before 12 that night. Shweta is talking to Riya about the photo and she says that it is of no use as Juhi is dead. Neela arrives there and reveals to Sgweta and Bebe that Juhi is alive though she does not know where she is. Neela says that Avni is going away from Neil and also that Avni is sacrificing her love so Neil and Juhi meet. Bebe and Prakash are shocked while Shweta asks Neela where Juhi is. Neela begs the elders of the family to protect her daughter’s rights as Neil’s wife. Juhi asks Avni why she has taken the risk to save her and suddenly they see someone walking towards them and Avni is shocked to see Dayawanti.

Precap: Daywanti reveals to Juhi that Avni is Neil’s wife.


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