Udaan 22nd September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Chakor finds Rannvijay strange, Suraj decides to kill himself


Udaan starts with Chakor (Meera Deosthale) seeing Rannvijay’s family together and she misses her own. Rannvijay and his mother make Chakor feel comfortable. Rannvijay says he wants the women of this country to find their self respect. Chakor asks Rannvijay why he has so many security guys around his house, Rannvijay looks at his sisters who seem visibly shaken. Rannvijay says that he is an honest police officer and so he has many enemies around. Later they share a sweet and retire for the night. Chakor wakes up disturbed in her sleep as she remembers Imli’s(Vidhi Pandya) words about Suraj(Vijayendra Kumeria). Chakor hears some music from downstairs and walks towards it. She goes to a door and as she is about to open it Rannvijay’s mother stops her. Rannvijay’s mother says there is no music around. Suddenly she sees a music player playing the music and Chakor is disturbed by the music. Chakor puts it down but Rannvijay’s mother says that Rannvijay likes this music and there is no pooja done in this house. Chakor asks about Rannvijay’s dad and his mother says that there is no need for a photograph when he lives in their hearts. (Also Read: Suraj is broken as he returns to his old life, Chakor starts afresh)

Chakor asks Rannvijay’s family if she can cook for a day. The family tells her that there is a menu list put up and food is only made as per it. Chakor keeps requesting and finally Rannvijay’s mother gives in but asks her to follow the menu only. Suraj is desperate and he parties with little kids later he decides to do the visarjan of Devi. Tejaswini tells Suraj that he was drunk last night so he cannot do the visarjan. Suraj finally gives in. Chakor makes food completely different from the list and the family is scared. Chakor does not understand the fear. Rannvijay comes down and shouts at his family for allowing Chakor to enter the kitchen. Rannvijay walks away. Chakor seeks forgiveness of the family, Chakor does not understand the overreaction. His mother asks Chakor to never repeat this. Chakor misses Suraj as she remembers how Suraj had told her that he will not allow her to step down when she is pregnant. Chakor has tears in her eyes and Rannvijay’s mother gets concerned. Suraj contemplates suicide.

Precap: Chakor hears a sound from the locked door and moves towards it but suddenly she overpowered from behind.


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