All you need to know about Bir Radha Sherpa, Dance Plus 3 winner


Dance Plus 3 has come to an end and the coveted title went to Bir Radha Sherpa. He has been a consistent performer at the show and has been a favourite of many. Every time he takes the stage, he mesmerises everyone. Even Ranveer Singh urged viewers to vote for him. Finally, he has won the trophy and made his mother really happy. Tonight during the finale, Bir Radha Sherpa stepped up the game even more and made things really tough for other contestants on the show Amardeep Singh Natt, Aryan Patra and Tarun-Shivani. While they were brilliant, Bir was excellent. He has always amazed everyone with his acts and tonight was no different. No wonder that he walked away with the trophy finally. But how much do you know about him? Check out a few facts about the winner of Dance Plus 3.

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#He is a 24-year-old resident from Silchar.

#He was also part of one of the seasons of Dance India Dance.

#His style of dance is b-boing and has been consistently outperforming others.

#Bir is very close to his family and always takes advice from them for every decision he makes.

#Before coming to Dance India Dance season 3, he performed live at many places.

#At present Bir is not dating anyone if reports are to be believed. So all you girls out there… this winner is up for grabs.

Well, Congratulations Bir for winning this trophy!


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