Dev and Amod to team up for solving another case on Colors’ Dev


Colors’ popular thriller series Dev has been keeping the viewers hooked to its ongoing episodes by unfolding new twists and turns.

The show never fails to surprise the audience with shocking twists and we hear that the upcoming episodes of the fiction series has a lot more in store.

Our source informs us, “in the upcoming episodes, Dev (Ashish Chowdhary) will meet with an accident and he will be rushed to the hospital where he will find a new case to solve. He will get to know about the involvement of the doctors in kidney and organ theft so he will be solving the case.

Interestingly, he will team up with Amod (Amit Dolawat) to solve the mystery, with whom he always been at the loggerheads till now.”

Woah! That’s quite an exciting twist. Isn’t it?

When we contacted Amit, he confirmed the development with us and said, “the show has changed my image completely and that’s the feedback that I have been getting from the channel, the producer and everyone else. They are making my character even stronger than before and the audience will get to see that in the coming episodes.”


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