Girish finally surrenders to Thakur in Jagat Janani Maa Sarada


The upcoming episodes of Aakash Aath’s Jagat Janani Maa Sarada have lots of drama in store which will keep the audience hooked to the series.

Avid viewers of the daily would know that after the grand success of ‘Chaitanyalila’, ‘Prahlad Charitra’ is all set to be staged.

According to our source, in the coming episode, Girish (Sanjib Sarkar) will announce that Binodini (Swarnokamal) will play the lead in ‘Prahlad Charitra’. Binodini’s mother Guni will persuade her daughter to take up prostitution as her profession but all her efforts will be in vain as Binodini will refuse to adopt prostitution as her profession. She is a pure soul and does not want her past to overcast its dark shadow on her life all over again.

In another incident, Danakali alias Kalipada Ghosh, an associate of Girish, will earn the blessings of Thakur (Suman Kundu) as the latter will help him to get rid of his alcohol addiction and as a consequence, Danakali will surrender to Thakur.

Meanwhile, Naren, though surprised to hear about the eviction of Rakhal (Krishanu Chatterjee) from Dakshineshwar, would be very happy to know that Thakur has sent him to perform his familial duties. Rakhal, however, after sometime, will return and break the news to Thakur that he is going to be a father soon. Thakur will be elated to hear this and share the news with Sarada (Arpita Mondol).

And, guess what? Well, Girish after suffering from a lot of dilemma will finally surrender to Thakur.

So, will Girish be able to find the much awaited ‘peace of mind’ and ‘affection’ that he craved for all over his life? To know more keep your eyes on the tale or better read   



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