Naina to don a different avatar to enter into Chauhan House in Swabhimaan


Colors show Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan produced by Rajshri Productions is gearing up for some more high voltage drama.

Today the Chauhan Household comprises only on Sujan Singh aka Dadu (Kanwarjit Painta) Nand Kishore (Vinay Jain) and Karan (Samridh Bawa) thanks to Nand Kishore’s anger and unreasonable attitude which led to him kicking everyone out of the house for helping Khyati and Vishal.

Nand Kishore’s actions leaves Dadu devastated and he becomes ill. Dadu’s condition will be getting more critical and this forces Karan to call Naina (Ankitta Sharma) to inform her about Dadu’s condition. But before Karan could give more details Nand-Kishore snatches the mobile and reprimands Karan for informing ‘outsiders’ about what is happening in their home.

However Karan’s one word about Dadu’s poor health does the trick. Viewers will get to see Naina coming to the Chauhan house to meet with Dadu in a completely different look. She will be seen sporting a banjaran like avatar with long ghoongat (veil) that covers her face. She will enter the Chauhan home and manages to convince Nand Kishore that she can help ward off the evil eyes cast on people and that he should allow her to do the same for everybody in the home.

She goes to Dadu’s room on the pretext of the same but once there tries to get Dadu to respond to her voice and to convince him that she will make everything alright.

Will Naina be caught? Will Nand Kishore swallow his pride and realize his mistake?

Stay Tuned.

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