Rajiv snap when a female contestant makes a false accusation!


The tough task masters, Raghu and Rajiv are known in the television industry for taking a stand against anything wrong irrespective of any situation. In the upcoming episode of MTV’s start-up reality show, Dropout Pvt. Ltd. something similar happened when Raghu and Rajiv stood by in support of a male contestant who was accused falsely of harassing a female contestant.

In the upcoming episode of Dropout Pvt. Ltd., contestants will be given the task to build a brand communication for the condom brand Kamasutra. While everyone will be all pumped up to present their ideas, Akansha will shock everyone by accusing Karmaditya Bagga of physical harassment. But soon it will be revealed that she was threatening Karmaditya as a part of her survival tactic to save herself from getting eliminated. While the other contestants supported Karmaditya, Raghu and Rajiv also stood up for him.    

Speaking to Akansha about her false accusation, Rajiv said, “The way it is wrong if a boy harasses a girl, same way it is equally wrong if a girl threatens a boy by making false sexual accusation against him. It might be a survival tactic for you but it will ruin his life forever.” Ragu added, “He can be jailed for this fake accusation. You have no right to call him a creep or insinuate anything.”

We hear you, Raghu Rajiv, We second your thoughts!



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