Ramleela special in SAB TV’s Tenali Rama


Celebration time in SAB TV’s epic drama Tenali Rama!  

The Contiloe show will soon have Ramleela special in the upcoming episodes.

Tenali, who has the perfect blend of wit and brains, can handle any tricky situation smartly and audiences end up learning from it as well.  

Soon, Tenali (Krishna Bharadwaj) and the other cast members will don mytho avatars.

According to our sources, Krishnadevaraya (Manav Gohil) will become Ram while Tenali will play Hanuman. Since, Hanuman was unmarried Tenali’s wife Sharda (Priyamvada Kant) will have no role to play in the Ramleela.

While, Tenali’s mother’s Amma (Nimisha Vakharia) will portray Sabri. However, just because Amma has sworn to remain silent, Sharda has to mouth the dialogues on her behalf but she will be very upset because of not being able to participate in the Ramleela. That is why she will refuse to say the dialogues.  

Also, the villain of the show Tathacharya will depict the role of Ravan.

The actors have started shooting for this particular sequence from today onwards.

Are you looking forward to the Ramleela special in the series?


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