Anurag Kashyap has the best reply to all those slamming Newton’s selection for Oscars 2018 by calling it a copy


Newton which released last Friday was declared as India’s official entry to the Oscars. It beat Bahaubali 2 to achieve that feat which says a lot about the film. It is even making good money at the box office. But a few people, clearly jealous of its achievements, decided to malign the film by calling it a copy of the Iranian movie Secret Ballot. We have a distinct feeling that had Newton been not announced as India’s selection, such a story might not have made headlines at all. Even now people are divided on whether or not Newton is original despite the director rubbishing all such claims. But the best reply for all those people who can’t see the film rise and rise comes from Anurag Kashyap. He showed them their right place which is nowhere!

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Anurag wrote on Twitter, “Newton is an award winner from Berlin Fest and I can promise you those curators watch more films in a year than rest of us do in a lifetime.” Got that?! So before you point fingers at the film, it will be good actually watch that movie. Also, elections are a reality in every democratic nation and such incidents are not isolated ones. They aren’t region specific either. You have got to read his tweet once more…

Director Amit Masurkar did admit he knew about the film but rubbished the claim about Newton being a copy. “I remember after I wrote the script just before I was going to shoot, a friend told me about Secret Ballot. Since the film was on YouTube I watched bits and pieces but that was very different I felt. A lady polling officer goes door to door. Also, there is some kind of romantic track which is not in Newton. I knew someday people will draw similarities but what can one do? When you write a story there is a possibility that someone else must have written a similar story somewhere in the world.”



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