As Dileep struggles to get bail, his movie Ramaleela gears up for release on September 28 amidst boycott calls


For the fourth time the Kerala High Court has denied bail to actor Dileep in the Malayalam actress abduction and molestation case last week. So that means he has now spent more than two months in jail, with a proper conviction yet to be done. The reason why he is being denied bail is that the prosecution fears that he may influence the witnesses once he is out. Meanwhile his next bail hearing is fixed for September 26.

So while we are not sure whether he is going to get bail or not, or what will ultimately happen to him, there is some interesting development that’s happening in his career front. One of his delayed movies, Ramaleela, is gearing up for a September 28 release. Earlier this movie was supposed to come out on July 21, but thanks to Dileep’s arrest on July 10, Ramaleela had to be put on a backburner. But now the makers have decided to take the risk and release the movie this week, as it will release along with Tovino Thomas’ Tharangam and Biju Menon’s Sherlock Toms.

However, thanks to the public sympathy towards the actress victimised in the case, there have been widespread calls to boycott the movie. While the public sentiment is understandable (even though the allegations against Dileep have not been proven yet), it is unfair to boycott a movie just for a star, since a lot of livelihoods depend on the movie. Even Dileep’s ex-wife Manju Warrier understood the implications of the boycott and had put up an FB post where she pleaded to fans to not boycott the movie.

Dileep was arrested for his alleged abetment and involvement in the abduction of a popular Malayalam actress, with whom he was not in good terms. The actress was kidnapped from her own vehicle last year by a bunch of goons and there were reports that she had been assaulted. The police arrested many of the perpetrators, including the main accused Pulsar Suni. Later, the police found links between Suni and Dileep, and alleged that it was the actor who planned the entire conspiracy and had paid Suni for it. Dileep has still not accepted his involvement, and many of his supporters claim that he has been trapped by his enemies.


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