Barun Sobti: I don’t mind intimate scenes but I am not comfortable with kissing on screen


Barun Sobti’s film Tu Hai Mera Sunday is just a month away from release and the actor is finding it really difficult to stay calm. This is not his debut film. He had done Main Aur Mr. Right in 2014 but the film had tanked at the box office and hence it’s extremely important for his career that THMS works. After all not all TV actors get such opportunities.

He might be keen on making a career in films but he hasn’t forgotten his roots. It was television where the actor found his footing. He rose to fame with his TV show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon co-starring Sanaya Irani in 2011.

There was a rumour doing the rounds that Barun had asked the director of THMS to tone down his make out scene with his co-star Shahana Goswami as he didn’t want to hurt his fans’ sentiments. He reportedly had also requested them to chop off their kissing scene. When asked to comment on the reports, Barun told Hindustan Times in a recent interview, “I don’t mind intimate scenes as I’ve done many in the past on TV but I am not comfortable with kissing on screen. It’s a personal thing. But otherwise, while shooting the film, we all had great fun as a unit and I think that camaraderie reflects in the film too”.

The director of the film,Milind Dhaimade, had however confirmed the reports of toning down the scene in the film in an earlier interview. He said, “As everyone knows Barun’s fan following especially amongst the female demographics is very very vast. And in India fans treat their favourite stars very personally and they almost idolise them. When we knew that there’s a scene of Barun and Shahana in the film, Barun and we together decided to rework the scene knowing how personal people take an on screen action or imagery of an actor. So we just wanted to keep the scene to its authenticity but still, respect sentiments”.

Barun has always been shy when it comes to performing such scenes on screen. “It’s totally awkward to do such scenes. It’s more difficult for a girl to do such a scene than a male actor. But we managed to pull it off really well. We were simply playing our parts and had fun enacting the scene. However, I am not sure if I would incorporate such a scene if I were the producer,” the actor had said in a 2012 interview, on being asked about his consummation scene with Sanaya Irani in IPKKND.

Barun, who returned to TV after a hiatus of five years with the third season of IPKKD, plans to go on a break after his show goes off air. “It will be a small one. Now,when I say break, I have to specify (laughs),”he said.

When asked whether the failure of the show affects him, he said, “I am happy that people liked me and my work in the show. As for comparisions with the old show, I feel that’s the way our industry works. When something clicks, everybody is happy and they applaud it but when it doesn’t, they find flaws. I am happy with what I did in the show and I am okay about it ending too. I am a huge advocate of the saying ‘People like what they like’, so when they like your product, you think everybody is so smart. But, when they don’t, you feel they don’t know anything (laughs).”


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