India’s Best Judwaah Grand Finale: ‘Papa ki Pariya’ Harsha -Varsha take the trophy home while Little Champs give KVB a very tough time for Donuts


India’s Best Judwaah Grand Finale sees a nail-biting fight as it journeys to an end today finding the first India’s Best Judwaah. The four finalist jodis are called to the stage while Karanvir Bohra asks them to take their seats, he is soon interrupted by Raghu Rajiv who give Sankalp and Sandarb a special power owing to the maximum immunity they won during the course of the show. Before the power Raghu and Rajeev state the rules for final fight. There would just be the ek or ek gyarah chunothi and nothing else, the jodi that fails would instantly stand eliminated. Now the power says thus that Sankalp-Sandarb decide who faces who. Sankalp and Sandarb are given this brahmastra that can either destroy their chances or take them to the trophuy. Sankalp-Sandarbh decide they would face Riya-Shriya while Nauman-Salman face Harsha -Varsha. The fight starts and end quite smoothly as Sankalp-Sandarb emerge the winners. Riya and Shriya get emotional as they watch their journey so far together and they bid adieu to the stage. (Also Read: India’s Best Judwaah Review: Karanvir Bohra kicks off a show based on lives of identical twins)

The Li’l Champs Vaishnav, Dhroon and Yumna lighten the mood with their wonderful performance as the participants go crazy with the charm of the little ones. Later the kids who have brought soome donuts for uncle KVB make him jump for it on a bouncing ball, poor KVB keeps falling off the same and finally he has to literally chase Dhroon and snatch the donuts. Next we see Nauman -Salman and Harsha -Varsha lock horns and this is like a takar ka fight but Papa ki pariyan manage to emerge the winners, though they seem very emotional post their win. They feel guilty to have kept pulling Nauman-Salman’s legs when they have always been  sporting and sweet to have taken it all with a smile. KVB too commends the two boys as he says they have made the maximum number of friends on the show. Now for the final fight we have the winners Harsha-Varsha and Sandarb-Sankalp, this again leaves us on the edges of our seats as the competition is edge to edge. Finally though the girls prove themselves the better ones. Raghu Rajeev compliment the girls for becoming the pariya of the entire India. The trophy goes home to the girls as their parents join them on stage.


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