Khatron Ke Khiladi 8 Semi Finale: Hina, Nia, Ravi, Shantanu and Monica are the top five finalists


For the first stunt of today’s episode, contestants were required to swing from one truck to another and collect as many number of flags as they can. Rohit Shetty selected Hina Kha, Ravi Dubey and Monica Dogra to do the stunt and asked Nia Sharma to decide the order. Nia asked Hina to go first, and made Ravi and Monica go second and third respectively.
All the three successfully completed the task. Hina fetched 21 flags, Monica collected 28 whereas Ravi managed to grab 32 flags. Not only did he win the round but also earned the finalist badge for himself. Hina and Monica joined Rithvik Dhanjani, Lopamudra Raut and Shantanu Maheshwari’s team by getting the fear fanda from Rohit.
For the second task, they were supposed to crash into 5 cars and stop after the fifth one. The stunt was performed by Monica and Rithvik. Nia and Ravi were asked to choose the order and saving their friend, they sent Monica first. Despite having never driven a manual car, Monica crashed all the five cars. Rithvik’s speed was superb but he missed the last car. Monica completed the stunt in 16 seconds, thereby winning the round and becoming the third finalist. Rithvik bid good bye to the show with a heavy heart. He was one of the strongest contestants of the show. But, the very fact that he managed to stay around till ten weeks, is an achievement in itself.
For the third task, the contestants were asked to walk on a rope. Monica decided the order of the contestants and sent Lopa first, Hina second and Shantanu last. Lopa slipped mid way and failed to complete the task. Hina also lost her balance and fell. As Hina traveled a greater distance, Rohit gave her the finalist badge. Lopa could just reach till the sixth rope while Shantanu fell from the seventh rope, thereby winning the round and getting the finalist badge. Lopa unfortunately got eliminated. Rohit got his top five finalists in Monica, Hina, Nia, Ravi and Shantanu.


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