Lip Sing Battle: Malaika Arora and Maniesh Paul’s acts are too unbearable to cheer on


Have been hearing a lot about the Lip Sing Battle, so today, I thought why not give it a try. Honestly, I don’t really expect a lot from Indian reality shows because they have more or less failed to deliver on all accounts. In fact, I am a big fan of the Lip Sync Battle which has the stars doing some never seen before performances. I wasn’t expecting anything as great from the Farah Khan’s show but wanted it to be at least enjoyable. Well, honestly, am happy I chose to watch just one episode of the show. Nothing about this episode can be remotely called as entertaining. It only made me cringe. Let me tell you how it went.

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Ali Asgar turned into Karah, Farah’s twin and tried to make the audience laugh. I realised I was smiling, which means he didn’t fail completely. But he needs to stop dressing as a woman…too much of it has already been seen. The first contestant, Maniesh Paul enters. By habit, he tries to host the show and Farah reminds him he is the celeb here not the host. That was sort of amusing. Malaika Arora Khan, the contender here,  enters like a stud. Malaika and Maniesh fake hug each other trying to flaunt their rivalry. So far so good…

They together lip sync on Tamma Tamma’s new version in various tonal quality. Ali Asgar then wastes some time as usual. They play the boss ka toss with balls. No kidding! They have to twerk and make the balls fall. Both of them were looking so lame doing so it will make you laugh at their foolishness rather than their acts. Maniesh cheats for some reason. I mean who cheats in a game this ridiculous.

Round 1: Maniesh performs on Emotional Atyachar from Dev D. Painful will be an understatement to describe this act. He even breaks a bottle with his head… like why? What was the need of that! Malaika dances on I am Mumbhai and Malai ban jaungi. It’s difficult to explain her performance in words so I will let it be… Maniesh shows of his dancing scars which he got due to Malaika. The latter wins.

Round 2: Malaika turns Sunny Deol for Mei Nika Gaddi leke. At one point, Sunny Deol’s voice sounded like Suniel Shetty…what’s happening? Maneish Paul dances on Hungama ho gaya as a rebuttal to Malaika and ruins it. This show needs to go to Censor Board for being plainly unbearable.

Maneish wins the battle in this episode and it ends…the best part of the show today!


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