Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 24th September 2017: Aditya Narayan leaves us overwhelmed as he does something really special for a lady fan


Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs today continues the with the India Ki Farmayish as the first on the stage today is the best we have on the show! Yes you guessed it-Anjali Gaekwad. She walks right in and obliges her fan who is an astrologer, she conquers again. Javed Ali who is the most ardent Anjali shipper just wants to get more and more as he asks her to sing some of the lines again. Neha Kakkar rightly calls Anjali the ustaad-ini of the show. Later we have some fun moments when the astrologer looks at Neha and Aditya‘s hand and proclaims them to be a perfect jodi also he asks Adi to marry a banana tree so he can have his wish fulfilled soon. Adi agrees to marry the complete Banana garden. SMP has a special fan who is an RJ at 92.7 FM RJ Anirudh. He asks SMP to sing the two songs One Two Cha Cha and Koi Yahan together. She does that and this girl is just a rockstar who needs to get out and get going!!(Also Read: Aditya makes good use of the opportunity at India Ki Farmayish as he sweeps Neha off her feet quite literally!)

Riya comes next and her fans are a doctor couple from Mumbai and they express their love for Riya by saying they seem to forget their stress when they listen to Riya. VG has a very beautiful fan who has just lost her husband a few months back. She tells the audience how she and her music loving romantic husband used to listen to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa together and how they loved it. She requests VG to perform Zindagi ke safar pe guzar jaathey hae. Every eye is moist by the time VG finishes the song and the lady cannot express her feelings as she praises VG and tells us how she misses her husband right now. She requests another song when Adi asks her if her husband was a romantic. Adi is the cutest and he gets the lady onstage as he sings the ‘ae meri zohra jabi’ he hugs her and also gifts her a rose as she blesses him. Jayes finds his fans in the cameramen today as they request him to sing the ‘sar jo tera chakraye’, he takes the stage by storm and everyone is hopping around. Sonakshi has a fan couple from UK and she amazes them, they reciprocate their love with some chocolates. The epic Performer for the day is Dhroon Tikkoo.


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