Secret Superstar director Advait Chandan: Aamir Khan is very involved as a producer


Aamir Khan is one of the most talented actors we have in the business. He is so well aware of the craft that his creative inputs are invaluable. His next is Secret Superstar, where he not only is acting but also serves as the producer. The movie is the debut directorial venture of Advait Chandan, who has been actor’s manager for the past 7 years. The first-time director looks at Aamir’s inputs in the creative process as a luxury.

Secret Superstar looks like the hard-hitting yet entertaining film that will make the critics sing praises and audience rush to the theaters. Let us not forget, it was Aamir’s Dangal that proved to be the biggest film of 2016. Secret Superstar, too, stars Dangal actress Zaira Wasim, and has a lot to do with dynamics of a father-daughter relationship. But more importantly, it is a story, about rising to the occasion against all odds and chasing dreams, told through the eyes of a young Muslim girl who wants to be a singer. We got in touch with Advait to talk about the promising upcoming film. Following is an excerpt of the candid, insightful and warm conversation.

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As earlier mentioned, Aamir opts to be deeply connected with his movies, including the behind-the-camera action. And Advait was glad! “He was really involved,” said Advait, when asked about how involved Aamir was with the creative process. “I had his guidance at many levels. As a producer, he is a very involved. I am very fortunate that I had that kind of guidance with me throughout. Every time I needed something, needed some help, every time I needed feedback, he’d be like bounce your idea, change the line, change the script. I have always had that with him,” the director told us.

Advait is a strong advocate of listening to all the opinions on sets. “The thing is, it is not one person’s film but we all come together to make it. Every time there is a difference in opinion it is healthy for a film. It is very healthy for an actor and a director to have a difference of opinion. It is very healthy for a cameraman and a director to have a difference of opinion because each time, you differ your sharpen your views while convincing each other. And what happens is that the films become better,” he further elaborated his point.

“Each time this happens, a film benefits. As far as we are all here trying to make the same film and not driving a personal agenda, it is very healthy for the film,” Advait said, as he drove his point home.

Advait further told us that he and Aamir did have difference in opinion at many points including music and casting. But they discussed everything with each other and worked together to make the film better.


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