Shrenu Parikh reveals perks of dating a Gujju girl


Shrenu Parikh is a hot and talented young actress who portrays the character of Gauri from Bareilly in STAR Plus’ Ishqbaaaz. She is a hard core Gujju and is extremely proud of it. caught up with the beauty to know what are the perks that a guy can expect if he dates a Gujju girl. The actress was pretty upfront with her views. 

So, boys out there who are single and want to mingle can check out the list

Take a look:

Independently and Homely

Gujju girls are modern, beautiful, independent and homely, all at the same time.  We can cook food, keep the house clean and also grow ourselves professionally.

Amazing Cook.

They are amazing cooks. They love to cook food and are foodies too. Gujju girls know the mantra “dil ka rasta pet se hoke jata hai”.

Money Management  

Gujarati girls are very good at money-management skills. Everyone thinks that Gujaratis are stingy in money matters but they always plan for tomorrow and they are proud of it. We also have unmatchable bargaining skills.

Garba Fanatic

How can you forget Garba when talking about a Gujju Girl. Actually we are born for garba. So whoever dates a Gujarati girl can learn new garba moves.


They are spiritual and some men like that quality and fall for it. Even these qualities make in-laws happy too.

And finally,

Green Card Holders

Most of the Gujjus are Green Card holders. So men will be going for that green card holder and date her.


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