Delhi HC acquits Peepli Live director Mahmood Farooqui in the US researcher rape case


A couple of years ago, Peepli Live director, Mahmood Farooqui, was sentenced to jail in connection with a rape case. An American researcher had alleged that the scriptwriter-turned-director had raped her in Delhi during 2015. After a lengthy trial, Mahmood was sentenced for seven years and was held in Tihar jail. But after a successful appeal, Mahmood has been acquitted by the Delhi High Court. The director will now be released from jail and will be a free man.

During the hearing, the Delhi High Court bench gave a benefit of doubt to the accused after questioning the authenticity of the accusation. The bench questioned the victim whether the whole incident happened with or without consent. The court even asked the accused if he understood that there was no consent from the victim’s end or not? After considering both the sides of the story, Mahmood was acquitted of all charges. (ALSO READ – All you need to know about Peepli Live co-director Mahmood Farooqui’s RAPE case!)

The trial court had earlier convicted Farooqui of rape under the amended rape act in 2013. They had imposed a minimum seven-year punishment on him. The High Court has reason to believe that the victim might have altered facts as she had filed the complaint only weeks after the alleged rape took place. Anyway, what do you have to say about this latest development in the case? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Also, stay tuned to BollywoodLife as we get you all the dope from B-town right here..


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