Good news! Jennifer Winget and Kushal Tandon’s Beyhadh NOT going off air this month-end


All you Beyhadh fans, it’s time to rejoice because the show has been extended to another week. Yes, while until yesterday most of us were under the impression that 29th September will be the last episode of Beyhadh which is only 4 days from now. Kushal Tandon just tweeted saying, “The show is about to end by 6th Nov and today its completing 250 episodes ,thanku all so much for beyhadh pyar gratitude” Now doesn’t that clearly mean we get one more week of Maya(Jennifer Winget) and Arjun’s madness? Oh, how happy are you after hearing this news?

Let’s not forget, even the last time when Beyhadh had got an exceptional extension was because of public demand. However, if our sources are anything to go by then the reason why Beyhadh has got this another one week extension is not just because of viewers demand but also because the replacement show for Beyhadh’s time slot is still not ready. Well, who cares when you have your favourite show running with repeated extensions again and again? No wonder, Beyhadh is still retaining its top spot on the TRP charts.

Here, check out Kushal’s tweet:


And in case you are wondering how are the makers managing to build up the plot despite repeated extensions then let me tell you, right now the story is a nail-biting watch with every episode turning out to be more thrilling than the previous one. Maya has managed to con the jail authorities to making them believe she is dead and is back to torture Arjun and Saanjh (Aneri Vajani). In fact, the last episode has almost come on the verge of Arjun exposing Maya while she’s secretly spying on him from his backyard.

Will Maya steal Arjun from Saanjh? Or will Maya die in the last episode? You can keep your anticipations high because this one’s sure not going to disappoint you!


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